Android apps: Five Android apps for social networks

 Android apps: Five Android apps for social networks

Make the most of socialising using your handset

The majority of smartphone users access social networks from their handset. In fact, according to Ofcom, social networking is the most popular net-based mobile activity, with 57 percent of smartphone owners admitting to visiting social networking sites, like Facebook, from their handset. There’s plenty of apps available for Google Android devices that improve the social networking experience. Here’s five of our favourites, which are all free too.


If you’re a Facebook and Twitter user, it can be time-consuming opening the different apps and checking up on what’s going on. However, with the Seesmic app, you can monitor you Facebook and Twitter accounts from the same app. It also supports Google Buzz and Salesforce Chatter, if you also use them.


This app lets you keep up-to-date with Google’s social network, Google+, from your iPhone. It even features Mobile Hangouts that lets you video chat with up to nine of your friends also using the social network.

Tagged Photo Sync for Facebook

This app makes it easy to download photos you have been tagged in on Facebook to your handset.

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With this app you can share photos, apps, music, messages, locations, contacts, calendar events and even become Facebook friends or Twitter followers by simply bumping your handsets together.

GPS Friend Finder

Of course, it’s not all about chatting online. The GPS Friend Finder app. lets you see the location of your friends and family on a map, using their handset’s GPS.

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