5 Great and Free Music Streaming Apps for Android

5 Great and Free Music Streaming Apps for Android



There are plenty of music streaming apps available for Android, but a lot of them either cost money to download or have a mandatory subscription fee. Why should you pay money when there is plenty of great free music streaming apps just waiting for you to try out?

Most of the free music streaming apps also have paid and “pro” versions which will usually open up a lot more features for you, but they are not required. However, if you really like the app and want the extra features then feel free to support the developers by paying for their paid versions, I’m sure they’ll appreciate it.
In this article I’ll list what I believe are the 5 best free music streaming apps for Android.
Pandora Probably one of the most well-known music streaming apps out there, Pandora internet radio is not only great for just listening to music, but it also helps you find new bands and artists that you’ll enjoy.
When you first use Pandora you will be asked to enter in a musician or song that you really like and it will create a custom radio station that will play music similar to what you like.
Pandora also works with comedians if you want to listen to some stand-up rather than music.
Google Play Music With Google Play music you can store all of your music online and listen to it whenever, wherever you want. You can add up to 20,000 songs to Google Play Music and all of your music purchases from the Google Play store will automatically appear in your Google Play Music collection.
This is an amazing app if you have a large music collection but don’t have the storage space on your Android device for it all. Google Play Music lets you store it all online and then stream it to your Android device using the app.
Air Playit Similar to Google Play Music, Air Playit lets you store your music in cloud storage and stream it to your Android device wirelessly. With Air Playit you can access your music collection using your Android device, any iOS device, and any PC or Mac using any web browser.
Best of all, Air Playit can also be used to stream videos. This allows you to watch your movie collection on your Android device as well.
Air Playit is not currently in the Google Play Store, but you can get it for free from their website.
YouTube Although YouTube is primarily known for streaming videos, there is a lot of music available on YouTube as well, especially with so many newer artists freely uploading their music to YouTube in an attempt to get more listeners.
With YouTube, you can also set up playlists of all your favorite music videos and listen to them on the go.
The official YouTube app is most likely already installed on your Android device, but if it isn’t you can get it free from the Google Play Store.
Slacker Radio Slacker Radio is one of the best radio streaming apps available for Android. Slacker Radio has millions of songs and hundreds of different stations for you to listen in on. Slacker Radio also lets you personalize your listening experience by allowing you to ban or “heart” different songs, thus telling Slacker Radio what kind of music you do and don’t like listening to


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