3D TV: One of the Worst Tech Trends Ever

3D TV: One of the Worst Tech Trends Ever


The one tech trend I had really high hopes for has turned out to be one of the most disappointing. 3D TV promised to bring movies and TV shows to life, but it has proven to simply be annoying. I want to love the technology, but I’m liking it less and less the more I try to use it.

3D TV causes headaches

Each time I have attempted to watch a 3D movie or TV show on my Sony TV, I’ve wound up with a horrible headache. The worst part is that it’s not necessarily caused by the glasses. The one time I tried the new 3D without glasses technology, I still got a headache.

I’m not the only one who gets 3D headaches. The problem is that 3D technology tricks your eyes into thinking that an object is coming toward you when it’s not. The deeper the 3D effect is, the more discomfort it creates. Unfortunately, the more eye-popping 3D effects are the ones that are more fun to watch.

3D TV distracts from a good story

A 3D movie may be fun to watch, but the 3D technology completely distracts me from everything else that is going on. I find myself waiting for the next 3D surprise popping out at me rather than actually paying attention to what is going on. I may have a few great memories of awesome 3D effects after watching a spectacular 3D movie, but I may not be able to explain what the movie was about.

3D TV is not worth the expense and energy to create it

So many companies have put so much time, energy and expense into creating fantastic 3D TVs. I’m beginning to think they’ve wasted their time. If the very nature of a great 3D effect is going to cause a headache, there’s no way the technology can become widely popular. Unless 3D TV makers can figure out how to make some sort of headband or pill to counteract the effects with no other side-effects, 3D will fail.

3D TV is fun for only about five minutes

Amazing 3D effects lose their appeal very quickly. Once I see a few objects pop out of the TV screen, I begin losing interest. Once I begin feeling a headache coming on, I’m done. I find that my interest threshold is reached after about five minutes of 3D content. After that, I turn it off


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