Nokia Planning working on wearable devices

Nokia Normandy codes, left work on its first Android phone, and called instead for the development of wearable devices including smart glasses is planning to focus on is called.

Nokia wearable device
Nokia wearable device







Nokia was working on a number of budget Android devices that included a unnamed 7-inch tablet, powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 processor.In addition, the division head of user experience for Android mobile phones program development and design team is here that Peter Skillman, was controlled by the shows.

To do this however does not mention the precise reasons for the company, according to the report, the Finnish handset maker has abandoned his plan to Android, Microsoft had no involvement in the decision.the Unwired View reveals that Nokia is now focusing more on the wearable segment, which includes emerging technologies such as augmented reality, flexible displays, low-powered electromagnetic energy generation and wireless power transmission.

Nokia’s first smart glass 2015 report wearable device that notes may be ready to start. Unfortunately, the report said shed any light on the features of the Nokia smart glass.
Of course, ever since Microsoft’s acquisition of Nokia, Nokia unveiled an Android device, it’s always the possibility that potential was finished.

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