Samsung Galaxy Note 4 with 20 Mega-pixel Camera


Samsung Galaxy note 4
Samsung Galaxy note 4











 Samsung  company planing to release mobile called Samsung Galaxy Note 4. As the news report that samsung galaxy note 4 has 20 mega-pixel camera. The rumours heard that the samsung Galaxy S5 will come with only 16 Mega Pixel. This is the first time  samsung releasing  20 mega-pixel camera.As the rumours the Samsung galaxy note4  releasing half 2014. If samsung release Samsung galaxy note 4  then the opposite side have Sony xperia Z1 with 20 mega-pixel camera and Nokia lumia 1020 with 41 mega-pixel camera.As we already disscuss with the feature of samaung galaxy s5 that are

  • Unbreakable,
  • unscratchable Gorilla 4 glass
  • Super AMOLED plus
  • Full HD
  • 3D
  • resolution of 472 PPI

Then we can expect that it will be more powerful mobile than Samsung galaxy S5.

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