How to decrease speed of subtitles in vlc


Two Methods


Launch VLC from the program’s shortcut on your desktop. Click on the program’s “Tools” heading, and then click on the “Preferences” option in the “Tools” menu

Click on the “Subtitles & OSD” button in the “Preferences” menu.

Enter the languages you’d like to use for subtitles into the “Preferred subtitles language” field. Enter the two- or three-letter country code for any desired languages, separating each language by a comma (e.g. USA, CN). Alternatively, you can type “any” into the field.

Click on the “Font” menu box to select the type of font you’d like VLC player to use for subtitles. Click on the “Font Size” menu box to specify the size of the player’s font, and click on the “Font Color” menu box to select the font’s color.

Click on the “Effect” menu box to add an effect to VLC player’s subtitle text. You can choose to add an “Outline,” “Fat Outline” or “Background” to the player’s subtitle text.

Use the “Up” and “Down” arrows outside of the “Force Subtitle” field to raise or lower the height of the VLC player’s subtitles. You may need to return to this field to tweak the height of the subtitles after viewing them.

Click “Save” to store your changes


In VLC, navigate to Tools > Track Synchronization, where you’ll find the Subtitles/Videosection. Now comes the important part – syncing the subtitle. If the subtitle is lagging behind the video, you’ve to provide a negative value to ‘Advance of subtitles over video’. Say the subs display 3 seconds after the video, the value you got to enter is –3.000 s. Note that you can adjust the sync time to up to a thousandth of a second, although adjusting to the tenths does the job in all cases. Similarly if the subtitle is ahead of the video, enter the required positive number of seconds. Hit the Refresh button at the top right corner of the window, and you should see the change immediately.

You can also use the g/h keys to delay/advance the subtitle by 50 milli-seconds each! So if you want to slow the subtitle down by 0.5 seconds, hit g ten times.

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