How to take a backup of your tweets







If you tweet regularly, then you may want  to have a backup of all your tweets. You don’t have to depend on external tools for
this, as Twitter now lets you archive your  tweets. To do so, click on the cog symbol and go to “Settings”. Here, at the bottom
you will see the option “Request your  archive”. When the fi le is ready, you will be sent an email with a link to download the
.zip fi le. The time taken will depend on the number of tweets you have. When you click  on the link received via email, you will have  to log into your account to download the “” fi le.

Once you unzip the file, you will see  several files and folders, to view your archived tweets, double click on the “index. html” file. You will now be able to see all your tweets. For easy navigation, these are displayed according to the month and year
they were posted on. You can now easily  browse through all your tweets and also search through them. Also, if you wish to
retweet or reply to a tweet, you can click  on the same, and you will be directed to your account.

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