Researchers discover sophisticated Android trojan

Researchers discover sophisticated Android trojan    


Kaspersky Lab expert Roman Unuchek recently detailed a new, malicious trojan targeting Android phones and tablets. This trojan exploits a previously unknown vulnerability in Android and is one of the most sophisticated pieces of malware to target the mobile operating system, Unuchek said in a blog post published Thursday.
The trojan is distributed as an app and evades detection with both encryption and obfuscated code. Once installed, the trojan can send SMS messages, install other malware, spread itself via WiFi or Bluetooth and execute remote commands. It’s sophistication is similar to that found in desktop malware.“To conclude this review, we would like to add that Backdoor.AndroidOS.Obad.a looks closer to Windows malware than to other Android Trojans, in terms of its complexity and the number of unpublished vulnerabilities it exploits,” writes  Unuchek . “This means that the complexity of Android malware programs is growing rapidly alongside their numbers.”
You can read more about the Obad.a trojan on Kaspersky’s website.

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