BlackBerry Messenger Coming to iOS and Android June 27th?

BlackBerry Messenger Coming to iOS and Android June 27th?BlackBerry-Messenger-image    

Last month, BlackBerry had announced that its popular BlackBerry Messenger app would be coming to iOS and Android this summer, but provided no official date for the rollout of the app. Today a tweet has surfaced, showing an iPhone running the BBM app and claiming a June 27th release date.
The app will only support BBM chats, voice note sharing and multi-person chats at first, but will become more functional over time. Users will be able to set up BlackBerry Groups which will let users exchange photos, files and calendars. BlackBerry is planning on making the app as functional as possible on iOS and Android and will be making more features available through periodic updates.
BlackBerry has yet to officially announce the release date of BBM for iOS and Android, so we can’t fully depend on the June 27th release just yet. Check back with us for details as they emerge.

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