Jungle safari – Lion ,Tiger,White Tiger , Bear ,Elephant, Deer Safari

  • Lion Safari
  • Tiger Safari
  • White Tiger Safari
  • Bear Safari
  • Elephant Safari
  • Deer Safari

The vision of the Bengaluru Bannerghatta Biological Park is to create an opportunity to the citizens – specially to children of Bangalore Metropolitan City to have a Biological Recreation Center very close to the city in the midst of the forests in the valley of the famous Champakadhama hills inside the Bannerghatta National Park. To accomplish this vision, a mini zoo was created in 1972′ which gradually grown into the present Biological Park by 2002. With the creation of Bannerghatta Biological Park, the vision was enlarged to meet the ever growing demands of the Bangaloreans/ tourists from outside for recreation/ education of younger generations; and also to create awareness on the importance of conservation of flora and fauna – the biodiversity of the nature for the benefit of the future generation in addition to the conservation of the gene pool of the endangered species of wild animals of the region/country

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