LeTV le 1s Full review and mainly heating issue reported

Enter LeEco and Le 1s, the wannabe disruptive budget smartphone of this year. LeEco (formerly LeTV) claims to have already sold 70,000 units of Le 1s in the first flash sale. The numbers prove there is inventory, and a huge demand for this device


Starting from the front we have 5.5-inch Full HD display with Corning’s Gorilla Glass 3 screen to protect it. The look is very minimal and we have the LED notification light, ambient light sensor, proximity sensor, receiver and the front facing camera on the top bezel, while the bottom bezel features capacitive multi-tasking, home and back keys that light up only when the display is on.

The back features a 13 megapixel ISOCELL image sensor with LED flash and round fingerprint sensor followed by LeTV logo. The logo proves these are old inventories coming from China, which are yet to be branded LeEco.

Processor, Memory and Battery: It’s not just looks, Le 1s scores real high when it comes to pure hardware specifications. The Le 1s comes with 3GB RAM and 32GB non-expandable storage.
Le 1s is powered by MediaTek’s Helio X10 processor (octa-core) clocked at 2.2GHz. It’s extremely fast and processor shouldn’t cause any lag.
Battery backup is average.



Heating issue reported from so many user

some 1-star review from Users from Filpkart
1. At idle also, the phone will be warm (you can warness always when you are keepig in your pocket). In normal usage, you can sense increased level of heat. At the optimum usage & charging the phone, you can use it as heater to make hot water.
2. Battery will drain like anything for normal usage itself (can expect to stand for 3-4 hrs in normal usage) but standstill at idle
3. Few inbuilt apps itself force closed while using (For example clock app)
4. Only 1.3GB RAM only for usage forget about 3GB RAM
5. Camera literally sucks and fooling us by mentioning it as 13 MP & 5 MP front
6. Forgot about transferring files. It is taking 3 minutes to copy a mp3 song from laptop to phone & vice versa
7. calls quality average
8. Sound output is average
9. Normal UI
10. Mother of all, you can’t return/request for replacement unless there is a defect while unboxing the phone. If you request for replacement with the above problems, simply the flipkart representative will call you and tell some bullshit diagnose options and at last will reject your replacement request. Refund is not an option to this phone. Flipkart, I am damn sure you will regret later for this kind of attitude.
I am quite confused, how all the review sites were tight lipped about the above problems. If you are okay with above problems, you can buy it wit the following pros
1. HD screen with good sarpeness
2. Design is outstanding
3. With C-type charger fast charging is commendable
4. Finger print sensor is excellent
Dont buy it
Heating problem..
camera no clarity..
display also poor..
battery is not good
fingerprint working as expected
fast in process
Good phone but very poor Battery and Horrible Camera
I was in a dilemma whether to go for K4 Note or Le 1S and after a lot of reviews, i gave it for Le1S. I was so excited that i could book the phone in the flash sale and even more excited till the phone arrived. The phone looks extremely stylish and premium. However, am so disappointed with its Battery performance and Horrible Camera.


1) Battery – Though Le1S boasts of 3000 mAh Battery, its very ulterior when compared to normal smart phones. On the first day i charged the phone upto 80% in the night and to my surprise by next morning it was 20%. This is ridiculous coz considering that i havent used the phone at all in the night and once under 15% the battery discharges in super fast mode and you could literally see the percentage drop. Unfortunately and surprisingly the Screen Time takes the maximum share of the Battery, even though you are not operating the phone. The moment you switch between screens of use any of the social media app, you can literally see the battery discharging very fast. Because of the poor battery life the whole Premium feel of the phone gets lost.

2) Camera – Majority of the Smartphone comes with 13MP Rear and 5 MP Front, but again surprisingly, both the cameras are so Horrible that its impossible for you to take good pics unless supported by perfect light conditions. The 5MP front camera is the worst i have ever seen so far. It does not have many options unlike many budget phones. I still wonder as to what kind of R&D these guys have done before launching this phone.

3) Call Quality – Call quality is pretty average with lot of fluctuations. Initially i was under impression that it could be due to poor signal from either of the parties, but after lot of validation, i came to conclusion that its not the signal or service provider, but the phone itself has issues with call quality.


1) – Premium build Quality
2) – Good UI and its such a wonderful feeling to browse the phone (Very good Touch)
Disappointed with the phone
Bought with high expectations but Le 1s did not met my expectations.

1.Fingerprint sensor is good and responsive.
2.Looks premium.

1.Overheating when charging and using internet.
2.Front camera is very poor. Seems like issue with my phone sensor.Getting blurred images.
3.Rear camera is giving average images
4.Lot of UI bugs.Many apps are crashing.
5.No FM Radio.
6.Battery drains very fast
7.Call quality could have been better.
8.Not worth for money
9.Phone is not switching to 3G/4G after call gets disconnected.
10.Sound output is average.
11.MIUI is better compared to EUI

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  1. it does heat up during charging as it is fast …. Pls do somthing Le Tv for this & software has some problem pls …

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