How to hard reset your Windows Phone

Tip: How to hard reset your Windows Phone

Mobile reset means that we are going to repair our phone like new mobile.Reset mobile get get loss the all the downloaded application from the mobile,so we  are ready  before going to reset the mobile.

In this article, we are discussing about hardly reset the mobile phone.The hardly reset the mobile means that it is not in the mobile setting it is different from normal reset. In this how to we will discuss how to hard reset a phone. This will reset your phone to factory settings; cleaning all your data. You will not be able to restore your data unless you have a backup.

Through Windows Phone OS Interface
  • Navigate to settings.
  • Tap “about”.
  • Tap “reset your phone”.
  • Confirm by tapping “yes”.

Phone Reset

Through Windows Phone hardware buttons

I t different from other resetting.It is called as hardly Resetting. I will try to cover the mostly used phones.
Nokia Lumia

  • Switch off your phone.
  • Press and hold Camera + Power + Volume Down buttons.
  • After few seconds, the phone will vibrate.
  • Release the Power button alone holding the Camera and Volume Down button.
  • After 5 to 10 seconds release both the buttons.

HTC / Samsung ATIV

  • Switch off your phone.
  • Press and hold Volume Down button.
  • Press the power button.
  • Release the Volume Down button.
  • A screen with exclamation icon will appear.
  • Press Volume Up button.
  • Press Volume Down button.
  • Press Power button.
  • Press Volume Down button.

Please note  that you always have a backup before resetting your phone.

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