Google plus takeS Update

In order to make it more visually appealing interface of Google+, three new updates found. Vic Gundotra, Senior Vice President – Engineering, will soon start rolling out to users, who announced three major design changes. Some facilities have already started showing up in our Google+ page.

Cover image size 2120 x 1192 pixels for an extension which will have been increased

16:9 aspect ratio when fully expanded. So now you do not have to necessarily only include cover images that are more wider than taller and you can add a lot more images to your Google+ cover. But it also takes up a lot of the screen real-estate, so beware.

The next big announcement was a redesign of the About page which has divided sections into a card-like interface making editing comparatively easier. you have the options to  share specific fields with specific circles. Each section under the About tab is colour-coded which adds a nice touch and  seems in line with Google’s design philosophy. Yet another feature added  is the Local Reviews tab which will sit beside the About, Posts,  Photos, YouTube videos, +1s tab on your profile page. This page will basically highlight your restaurant reviews. You also have the option to hide  the Local reviews tab, if you so wish.

But as far as Google is concerned, on the profile page with the Local Review tab, users just like Google’s social search improves, more local feel tempted to write a review.

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