LG to start mass-production of flexible displays this year: Report

LG to start mass-production of flexible displays this year: ReportLG-flexible-display.jpg

According to a report by The Korea Times, LG Display will be manufacturing flexible display panels for major smartphone producers starting fourth quarter of this year.
LG’s Frank Lee told the publication that LG had completed the development of its first flexible displays and would be mass-manufacturing them from the fourth quarter.

The displays will be based on organic light-emitting diode (OLED) panels and would offer an ultra-high definition (UHD) resolution also known as 4K. Apparently, the company’s E2 line at its display complex in Paju will be used for the production of these displays.
Flexible displays are thinner, lighter and more durable when compared to the presently popular glass displays. These also happen to be much more impact resistant.
According to the report, LG Electronics plans to release the first flexible display smartphone later this year.
Samsung had showcased its flexible display technology at CES 2013 with its OLED Youm Display. The company had also shown a functional prototype of a flexible display smartphone. So clearly, flexible displays happen to be underway from Samsung as well. But the question is whether LG will beat Samsung to it. Based on the reports so far, LG does seem a plausible candidate to bring the first flexible display to the mass consumer market.
LG and Samsung are already offering curved OLED televisions. The technology offers better viewing angles and a better overall experience. Company officials told The Korea Times that LG would expand this OLED portfolio to 65-inch and 77-inch panels as well.

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