Samsung prepping a Galaxy S4 with LTE-Advanced technology

Samsung prepping a Galaxy S4 with LTE-Advanced technology

An LTE-Advanced version of the Samsung Galaxy S4 is slated to hit the South Korean market as early as next month. The news was delivered by the company’s co-CEO J.K. Shin, so it’s as real as it gets.

The Samsung Galaxy S4 will be one of the first smartphones to support the new LTE-Advanced standard, which promises data transmission speeds of more than double those of conventional 4G LTE.
The news came as an announcement by Samsung’s co-CEO J.K. Shin today, who declined to reveal too many details in regards to the upcoming model, save for it being powered by a Qualcomm chipset, and costing more than the current Galaxy S4.

Samsung is also looking to become a leader in an emerging network gear market, as many countries with developing 4G LTE networks are contributing to Samsung’s fastest growing network gear division – with sales rising by some 30 percent a year since 2010.

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