BlackBerry’s New All-Touch A10 Flagship Phone to Debut in November

BlackBerry’s New All-Touch A10 Flagship Phone to Debut in Novemberblackberry-10-300113   

Alright BlackBerry fans, get ready for the successor to the Z10. CNET is reporting that BlackBerry will be launching a new flagship device, that will “occupy the highest tier,” relegating the Z10 and keyboard touting Q10 to the mid-tier. The A10 will be an all touch device similar to the Z10, and will run on the BlackBerry 10 OS. Sprint will be the first carrier to offer the device, with other carriers likely to follow suit.
While we still have no official confirmation on when the device will be hitting store shelves, the device is rumored to be debuting in November, which would pit it directly against the Samsung Galaxy S4 and the HTC One, as well as any new device that Apple may be releasing around that time.
BlackBerry was under pressure to announce the A10 at last month’s BlackBerry Live conference, but Heins kept the device a mystery as to not take the wind out of the release of the keyboard touting Q10, which is set to roll out on multiple carriers in the near future.
Will the A10 keep BlackBerry afloat, or will it come too little too late for the company?

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