Howto download deleted Snapchat videos for Android


Privacy and Snapchat? Please … Snapchat offers as much privacy as Facebook (which means, not much). Your friends are free to grab screenshots of any lewd and lascivious behavior as they wish; not to mention, there are more ways than one to save a video. Well Snapchat fans, we’re sorry to say we’ve found another method to retrieving “self destructing” Android Snapchat videos, and it’s really, really easy to do.

Dumpster, an Android-only app that launched early last month, is a digital trash bin for the Android OS “as seen on your personal computer,” as its tagline says.

Why would you use ? Garbage cans can bring it back – deleted an important file for some reason and wanted to retrieve it , you say by mistake . And users love the app . As of June 1 406 191 Hochner dumpster that says download .

Dumpster Hochner patent pending software was able to recover the video store , he refused to comment on the SD card on Android Snapchat say what was left floating video . Dumpster that is saved on the internal phone storage , since the other side is not able to retrieve the pictures .

All it takes to restore a Snapchat video file (and watch it as many times as you want and as long as you want) is a single tap on the file when you open up Dumpster. Facebook Poke isn’t available for Android yet, but he suspects that Dumpster would be able to retrieve self-destructed Facebook Poke videos as well.

Snapchat This is just the latest security loophole . Even still , Snapchat expired in fact people are finding ways to bring back the video that does not care .not to warn users .
We now know how to save the video, even though we can blame the technology. But at the end of the day, it really should be the ones responsible for it (and people for that matter) to your friends. Snapchat is the safest way to get embarrassed … Shameful record anything and you too, do not know very well are sending pictures.

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