Do these ‘leaked’ iPhone 5S parts show Apple is about to change design?

Do these ‘leaked’ iPhone 5S parts show Apple is about to change design?Do these 'leaked' iPhone 5S parts show Apple is about to change design?

While far from legitimate, parts reportedly from the iPhone 5S hint at a new shape for the iPhone.
These pics come from Weibo, which has played host to a number of leaks over the years, and show the parts compared to their two predecessors’ versions, the iPhone 4S and iPhone 5.
The SIM tray is now a golden colour, hinting at a wider range of colours – although it could as easily be simply a clarification of the standard silver by opting for a two-tone effect.
What’s more interesting is the internal stuff, which for the most part is dramatically reduced in size compared to what’s come before.

iPhone 5S

This could mean a few of things: the new iPhone 5S will be a whole new design, something that will reboot the franchise in the face of strong Android competition; space could be being made for new internal components (an updated camera and NFC), or Apple is just making it all a bit lighter and the iPhone 5S will look the same as the previous model.

When’s it coming?

The iPhone 5S release date isn’t set to be any time soon – traditionally it will show off the new software first and we haven’t even got to 20 June when the updated iOS 7 software is set to be shown off.

 iPhone 5S

It’s most likely we’ll get a new iPhone in September of this year, as that’s the time Apple has seemingly settled on for nabbing the most visibility with smartphone users, while also making sure it’s got a strong product in the run up to Christmas.

Or these pictures could all be bogus and Apple will make the iPhone 5S out of reconstituted banana. You never know, these days.

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