Sony Xperia S Finally Gets Jelly Bean,in Xperia SL and acro S

Sony Xperia S Finally Gets Jelly Bean, Along With Xperia SL and acro S

Android 4.1 quite some time (at least by the standards of the mobile world) has been around for, jelly beans every handset from this version of the OS ‘benefits at the time of the first film is considered a key device. Some of these handsets are still running on Ice Cream Sandwich, and many devices from Sony’s 2013 line-up are still playing catch-up.

Fortunately, last week we owners in France’s long-awaited Sony Xperia S Jelly Bean update has begun to receive that information. Update before it landed in other areas, it was only a matter of time deadline Sony’s own “end of May”, and here we are. Today we Sony Xperia S, SL, acro S and Xperia Ion Jelly Bean updates are bringing more news.
Sony Xperia S Jelly Bean (Android 4.1)

The manufacturer in question has recently broken the silence and announced that Xperia S owners can now pull Android 4.1 on their devices, with the help of the Sony PC Companion software.
A new kernel package and comes with a handful of apps additions and updates .
Sony Xperia S , SL and acro S Android 4.1 Jelly Bean update are eligible for all that has confirmed this on his Twitter account , and also AT & T’s version of the Xperia S , Xperia Ion Ion owners who will , jelly Bean mention to wait a bit more to come , and no exact time limit ” to follow other than” have been revealed .

Have any of you managed to download and install the Jelly Bean update on your Xperia handset? If so, don’t hesitate to leave a comment below and let us know what changes and improvements you’ve noticed.

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