Could This Beautiful Design Concept Be the iPhone 5S?

Could This Beautiful Design Concept Be the iPhone 5S?

Iphone-fingerprint-scanner-01It won’t be long until we’re likely to get our first look at Apple iOS 7 at the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) starting June 10. But after that, Apple’s going to have to do something spectacular with its alleged iPhone 5S to keep up with smartphone juggernauts such as the Samsung Galaxy S4 and HTC One.

iPhone speculators have lately been focusing on the possibility of a security-enhancing fingerprint scanner built into the next iPhone, and who better to visualize this than our favorite conceptual artist of all things iPhone, Federico Ciccarese?

In this gallery, see his latest renders of a possible design of the next iPhone, including that rumored fingerprint scanner taking the place of the Home button. Adding credibility to this fantasy is the familiar chamfered edge from the current iPhone 5.

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Along for the ride is an aesthetically pleasing curved screen, also rumored for the upcoming iPhone. But we were thinking a curved screen on the iPhone would be more concave than this convex curve in Ciccarese’s illustrations.

However, don’t bet on the next iPhone looking exactly like this. For instance, some rumors refute the fingerprint scanner, with alleged leaked pictures of the iPhone 5S’s Home button including no sign of any scanner. Others say the scanner will have to wait until the iPhone 6.

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We’re not accepting any of this as fact. Meanwhile, we can enjoy the fantasy of Ciccarese’s art — he’s done it again, pointing the way toward where Apple should go. Where Apple will go could be another matter entirely.

What do you think of this design concept? Could we be looking at the next iPhone?

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