Google Drive Android App Updated With New UI Design, OCR Technology

Google Drive Android App Updated With New UI Design, OCR Technology

Continuing its string of updates, Google has updated its cloud storage app; Google Drive for Android users with a new set of features. The primary among these features is a new User Interface (UI) which includes card-style display, to enable large previews while swiping between files. All the output would be displayed as thumbnails instead of the conventional list form. Fresh out of its recently concluded Developers I/O, the internet giant had previously also released a new design for its Google+ mobile service to keep pace with the desktop experience.

An important enhancement brought about in the Google Drive update is that users can scan paperwork with the camera in their mobile-phones, and store these as PDFs (automatically done by the app) on their Google Drive. Google Drive now makes use of OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology to enable users to search within the scanned documents (now converted to PDFs) via keyword searches.

Apart from these additions, the other enhancements include adjusting font types and sizes when using spreadsheets, users can tweak the text colours of cells, and align cells, from within the app. The updated Google Drive for Android also includes cloud print support, with which users can print from their Drive, using a Cloud Ready printer. The new Google Drive for Android is available to download from Google Play, and the app requires an Android platform upwards of Android 2.1.

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