Low-cost iPhone and iPhone 5S said to be multicolored

Low-cost iPhone and iPhone 5S said to be multicolored


Apple’s rumored iPhone 5S and low-cost iPhone are said to be coming in a rainbow of colors, according to an article by Macotakara.

While Apple has yet to confirm it’s even producing the two new types of smartphone, rumors are flying about the phone’s specs and appearance.

The low-cost iPhone, which is said to have a plastic shell rather than aluminum, could come in white, pink, green, blue, and yellow-orange — or, navy, gold orange, white, and gray, according to MacRumors, which translated the Macotakara article. The phone is also speculated to cost around $350 to $400.

The supposed iPhone 5S, which is said to be similar in specs to the iPhone 5, could also get new colors. Besides the standard black and white models, the smartphone might also come in green or gold, according to MacRumors. Previous rumors have speculated that the phone could also come in pink. MacRumors notes that the new iPhone also might get a dual-LED flash.
Apple’s most recent generation of the iPod Touch already comes in several colors, which may be a sign that the company is looking to replicate this feature with its upcoming smartphones.

According to MacRumors, the low-cost iPhone is reportedly expected to go into trial production as soon as next month. However, most sources speculate the phone won’t come out until 2014. The iPhone 5S is rumored to be set for release sometime this fall; previously it was said that the device could hit stores as early as July.

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