Samsung Galaxy S4 New Accessories

Samsung Galaxy S4 New Accessories

Are you a proud owner of a spanking new Samsung Galaxy S4? Are you worried about damaging your precious toy? Do you wish you had something to help you blast your music or take better photos? If you’ve answered yes to any of those questions, you’re looking at the right article.
Mind you, while this guide was fashioned with the S4 in mind, you can still use some of the accessories for other smartphones, including Apple’s iPhone 5. Of course, some sections, such as the cases, will only work for the S4, but that shouldn’t stop you from grabbing a case designed for your own smartphone, no?


(Credit: Samsung)

Let’s start with protection. Samsung’s S4 comes with a wide variety of official Samsung cases, and we do like the S View Cover. Instead of adding bulk like an iPhone case, the S View Cover replaces your rear plastic back, which means your S4 is still just as slim. A window on the front lets you quickly check the time and notifications on the handset.
That’s not all that Samsung has to offer–it also sells you a wireless charger cover, and a ruggedized case for those who are active or really careless folks. If you prefer these types of cases, third-party vendors such as Otterbox also offer similar protection.

Screen Protectors

Those of you who are getting a case may want to also get a screen protector at the same time. Honestly, the phone’s Gorilla Glass display is strong enough to avoid scratches from normal wear and tear, but in the event of extreme usage, screen protectors can and will help prevent your display from an inerasable mark.
Matte protectors also help provide better visibility in bright sunlight, and there are also privacy filters if you dislike people peeking at your screen. Some of these filters also double up as a vanity mirror.


(Credit: Logitech)

When it comes to listening to music, face it, the bundled headphones are good enough, but not great. If you have the cash, feel free to check out the Logitech UE 900, a pair of In-ear monitors that impresses with its balanced and detailed sound.
Those satisfied with the default earphones can also consider getting a portable speaker such as the just announced limited edition X-Mini Capsule Speaker endorsed by Jay Park (or a normal one if you’re not a fan).
If you’re seeking a less portable option, you could consider an audio dock. Most models support Bluetooth, which means it can stream wirelessly. Some also feature AirPlay, which is compatible with iOS devices.

Battery Chargers

You may be wondering about this category–after all, the S4 comes with a replaceable battery, which means you can easily swap it out for a fresh one. But we argue that it’s actually simpler to just plug it into a battery charger, and you can also loan it to a friend if they need extra juice.

(Credit: Sony)

And if you’re wanting something that charges both a tablet and a phone, Sony’s just announced the CP-F10L charger with a 10,000mAh capacity. It will be available in June for S$129 (US$103.65) in Singapore. We’re told that it will make its way to other Asia-Pacific countries soon.

Camera Accessories

(Credit: Joby)

The Galaxy S4 comes with a pretty good 13-megapixel camera, but you can get more mileage out of it with a tripod. The GripTight GorillaPod works with all kinds of smartphones and their cases.
It lets you use obstacles such as fences as resting places, and the accompanying app has a self-timer mode as well as the ability to take timelapse videos. And one more thing, the tripod can serve as a GPS mount for your car, too.

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