Staying on XP to cost more than moving to Win8: Microsoft

Staying on XP to cost more than moving to Win8: Microsoft

Companies may have to spend three times more or about USD 300 per user if they do not plan to migrate from Windows XP to Windows 7 or Windows 8, a study commissioned by software giant Microsoft Thursday said.

According to the study conducted by research firm IDC, the estimated cost of upgrading (assuming there is no enterprise licence agreement and three-year amortisation period) will be USD 95.

This is against the cost of non-migrating, which will be USD 300 per user, followed by almost double the cost in the subsequent year, if the companies choose to opt for a custom support contract to stay on Windows XP post April 2014, it added.

Microsoft plans to end support for Windows XP on April, 8, 2014 as it is three generations behind the latest product — Windows 8.

“Approximately 50-60 percent installed PC base in the enterprises are still running Windows XP. This is an alarming situation as non-migration puts businesses at risk of security breaches and could potentially create a big dent to the company?s brand image,” Microsoft India Director (Windows Business Group) Amrish Goyal said.

Migration to newer and better technologies eventually gives high return on investment and saves a lot of money in the long run, he added.

Companies like Bharti Airtel have seen savings of Rs 2,000 per PC by moving from Windows XP to Windows 7, according to Microsoft.

Microsoft claims the newer versions provide enhanced user experience, better management of client devices, improved security and data protection as well as alignment to upcoming mobility adoption. 

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