Now, send and receive money via Gmail

Now, send and receive money via Gmail

London: Sending and receiving money was never this easy. In a series of other announcements that Google made at its annual developer conference, it also announced a major addition to its emailing service, which is, users can now send money as an attachment.

The integration of Google Wallet and email is predicted to have huge potential provided people are willing to trust the service.

According to a report by Huffington Post, all that a user needs to do is hit the dollar symbol in the attachments and enter the amount. One can send money to even those who do not have a Gmail account.

This feature will be rolled out to the US Gmail users above 18 years old in the coming months. The new feature is expected to pose a threat to e-commerce companies like Venmo, which offer money transfer feature through Android and iOS apps, the report added. 

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