EA stops making games for Nintendo Wii U

EA stops making games for Nintendo Wii U

Games giant EA has revealed that it currently has no games in development for Nintendo’s Wii U console.

Despite being a launch partner for the gaming device, EA said it had no developers working on future titles.
The news comes as a blow to Nintendo on the day that it is due to unveil a fresh marketing strategy to boost interest in the Wii U.
Nintendo’s financial results revealed that sales of the successor to the Wii had fallen short of expected targets.
EA revealed in an interview with tech news site Kotaku that it had halted work on Wii U games. Since the console’s launch it has created versions of Mass Effect 3, Fifa 13 and Need for Speed Most Wanted.
Despite this early commitment, EA will not be producing Wii U versions of its big gaming franchises, which include Battlefield 4, Madden and Fifa.
This stands in contrast to the releases EA prepared for the Wii console, many of which were produced long after launch. However, EA said it would not rule out working on a Wii U game in the future.
Nintendo’s latest financial results reveal it has not sold as many Wii U consoles as it expected. Since launch, Nintendo expected to sell about 4 million consoles. Instead it sold only about 3.45 million.
On Friday, Nintendo is expected to unveil the summer line-up of Wii U games and reveal how it plans to get more gamers interested in buying and using the console


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