Pros and Cons of Windows Mobile

Pros and Cons of Windows Mobile

The pros and cons of Windows Mobile
When trying to decide between mobile operating systems, it is important to determine the reason behind the purchase. The many reasons for purchasing a smart-phone include productivity, entertainment, social networking, internet browsing, instant messaging options and much more. So before purchasing a pricey device, one should ask oneself if they are purchasing for the purpose of social networking, entertainment, business, or whether they are wanting a pocket computer.
Benefits of Windows Mobile
Windows Mobile may very well be the most powerful mobile operating system on the market. This productivity packed os sports a full Windows Office suite including Word, Powerpoint, and Excel; as well as pdf viewers, adobe, notes and options to customize. This os also includes Windows Media Player, and options for other media apps. Working with this device is literally like carrying a Windows based pc in your hand. I have to say that the iPhone os is the powerful as well, but Apple has so much security around it that nothing can be shared with other apps from Android, windows or open source. Windows is different, with a little finesse, you can install apps and other files from anywhere except Apple.
The user interface for Windows Mobile is not as seamless as Android, but for the target market, this is actually an advantage, not a drawback. Windows Mobile works on a filing system that is exactly the same as Windows 7 for pc. All the files stored in your phone pair seamlessly to your pc or netbook and open flawlessly. It may seem like more work in comparison with the ui of Android, but for those who wish to use their smart-phone for intense productivity, this operating system is really the only choice. Left your computer at home? No problem! Just use the one in your pocket! It really is that powerful.
The other benefit to Windows Mobile is that like any Windows computer, if the the operator is savvy enough, he or she can download open source applications. There are literally thousands of open source applications out there to choose from if one knows where to look. With a little extra effort, you can really build this operating system.
Drawbacks of Windows Mobile
Honestly, as much as I enjoy my Windows Mobile device, this is a tricky little thing to learn. The fluidity of both the Apple and Android user interfaces have a serious advantage over Windows. My three year old niece and my grandmother could both learn Android! Neither one could figure out Windows Mobile! This is not the platform for those who are wanting a phone for entertainment. Entertainment options are available, but ease of use is important for entertainment systems, and Windows does not have this down!
The other major drawback for Windows Mobile is Windows Marketplace. This is the only place to find Windows supported applications, and honestly, the selection is limited at best and the usability of the marketplace is a joke. This can be worked around by the tech savvy because there are always open source options to trick out your phone. But unlike Android, Windows marketplace does not have the options available in a conveniently located place; the owner of the phone has to hunt them down! It is understandable that Windows wants people to buy Windows supported apps. It is for the same reason that Apple has so many locks around itunes. But I think both companies are actually hurting profits by doing this. Windows has the advantage here over Apple because devices can support open source apps, but it is not easy to do so, Android really has the advantage here, and they are dominating much of the younger consumer market because of this.
Conclusions about Windows Mobile
My conclusions about Windows Mobile are that while this os may be tricky to learn, for productivity it really has no rival. Personally, I would trade convenience for productivity any day because I am just that driven! But for those of you who are not tech minded or are new to the mobile or smartphone world, this is not the device for you. This powerful operating system requires patience and technical knowledge!

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