water is precious don’t waste it


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Water is the precious thing on the earth. Without water, there is no life. All living species only alive because of water. But as we all know that the water is the only thing that is being misused, polluted etc. If we can’t live without water why we misuse and pollute it and not caring it?
Water must be cared for the sake of earth and also for us.

Now lets move on to the reasons why water is being polluted and misused.

first of all the main reason for pollution is the polluted water that comes from factories and goes to our water resource such as river, stream etc. The polluted water coming from factories contain chemical substances which are very harmful to living species. The chemicals that contain in the water that vomited by factories are dangerous  even to humans. By leaving this water in river, stream etc. the pure water becomes polluted. Also the organs living in river, stream etc will die. So the factories must find a safe place which won’t disturb the natural water resources. They need to switch that toxic water to sea or etc.

Bad water coming from factory and goes to natural
water resources. Toxic, Harmful chemicals etc.
contain in these type of water which pollutes
natural water resources.

Toxic and Harmful water coming from factory
and going to natural water resources

Another reason is Detergents. Most of us use it in daily life. but most of us don’t know what effect it would make to nature. Detergents pollute water and the organs in water. spoils soil. we have to pay attention in using detergents.

Water polluted by detergents.

Detergents floating above water which makes
the water polluted.

In most of the countries, Especially in India, people take soil from river, stream and other water resources for building  construction work and for other needs. It becomes a impotent reason for disappearing of rivers and other water resources. Though environmental peoples around the world protesting against this stupidity, there is no use Because people doing this for money and they have  supports from powerful persons from our society. We have to resist this behavior of stealing soil from  river, stream etc. in order to keep our water natural water resources alive.

Pathetic view of river Padma.

Misuse of water is another main problem. We are all careless in using water. Most of us act like water is made for wasting!  this is because we don’t know the important of each drop of water.
According to a report 884 million people around the world not getting pure and safe water supplies. 3.575 million people die due to water related diseases. A child dies due to water related issues in every 20 second!
In countries like Africa, Most of the human beings are suffering from thirsty. Peoples dieing due to not getting water. A drop of water is like a bulk of gold for them. When some peoples around the world pollute and misuse water, Most remaining peoples are in lack of water.


Water scarcity : Boy thirstily drinking water comes
from a tiny small water resource.

Due to unavailability of water, A man collecting
water from muddy pit.

A man in Africa going to collect water with a number
of bucket and pots in his shoulder.

View of Indian metro in needs of water.

Womans struggling to collect water from long
distances with pots on their head.

In countries like India, water is more wasted. India has a lot of rivers, streams etc. But due to Misuse and pollution most of these rivers have lost. Kerala is India’s one of the beautiful states. According to old study, Kerala has 44 rivers moving all over the place in Kerala. Unfortunately most of these rivers have vanished. ‘ ‘Bharathe Puzha’ is a famous kerala river….. As a result of pollution, taking soil from river etc. the river is almost on the edge of disappearing from the list of 44 rivers.

Early view of Kerala River Bharatha Puzha.

This is how the river Bharatha Puzha looks nowadays.

The rate of cost of pure water coming in bottles increasing and the rate of quantity of pure water in earth decreasing. In most of the part of the world we have to pay more to get pure water. How pathetic we humans are! We are the species in earth polluting the water and then buying it at high cost from shops!

So the importance of protection of water is highly needed. In order to save the earth and most importantly for us we have to conserve water. Have to pay more attention in keeping water pure. Have to value water. Have to save water for the remaining peoples whom are in lack of water. We have to protest against the water pollution made by some unwise peoples and the misuse of water. we have to step forward to save our water resources for us and our coming generations. Lets hold our hand together for saving each precious drop of water.


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