Germany 49 Euro Ticket Guide | All about 49 Euro Ticket

Tired of managing various tickets and subscriptions for your daily commute? Want a more convenient and cost-effective option to navigate Germany’s public transportation? Your search ends here! The 49 Euro Ticket has arrived to transform the way you travel throughout the country.

What is 49 Euro Ticket?

The new all-inclusive ticket known as the Deutschland Ticket, or 49 Euro Ticket, is a cost-effective option for travel throughout Germany, priced at just €49 per month. Starting from May 1, 2023, the federal and state governments will finance the ticket, which grants access to all public and regional transport within the country, with the exception of long-distance IC, EC, or ICE trains. The Deutschland Ticket is available solely via subscription and is non-transferable, limited only to the ticket holder and does not allow for additional passengers or bicycles. However, it is worth noting that children under the age of 6 can always travel for free on public transport in Germany.

Where can I use the 49 euro Deutschland Ticket?

The ticket grants access to all public and regional transport within Germany, except for long-distance IC, EC, or ICE trains.

How long will the Deutschland Ticket be valid?

The initial phase of the Deutschland Ticket will continue for a minimum of two years.

Can children travel with the Deutschland Ticket?

Yes, children who are under six years old can travel for free on public transportation in Germany.

Is the new ticket only available by subscription?

Indeed, you can only obtain the 49 Euro Deutschland Ticket via subscription.

How do I cancel my Deutschland Ticket?

You have the option to cancel your Deutschland Ticket at the end of any month.

What do I need to have on me when traveling?

An official photo ID for the person named on the ticket is required for the 49 Euro Ticket to be valid

Do school students, trainees, students, pensioners, or social benefit recipients receive any discounts?

There are no additional reductions or discounts offered for the 49 Euro Ticket.

Is it possible to display the Deutschland Ticket as a mobile ticket in a BVG app without purchasing the subscription from BVG?

No, the Deutschland Ticket can only be displayed in a BVG app if it was purchased through BVG.

Who is eligible to purchase the 49 Euro Deutschland Ticket?

Anyone can buy the Deutschland Ticket, but individuals under the age of 18 require a legal representative and can only purchase it at BVG customer centers.

How and when do I make payments for the Deutschland Ticket?

The ticket price is deducted from your account at the beginning of each month.

When can I begin using the new 49 Euro Ticket?

For those who have a subscription, the ticket is valid starting from the nationwide launch on May 1, 2023, while for others, it is valid from the start of their subscription.

In what format is the ticket provided?

The ticket can be received as either a smartphone ticket or an electronic chip card sent via post.

Is it possible to purchase the ticket at sales outlets?

Yes, but there may be a long wait. It is quicker and more convenient to order the ticket online at

Is the ticket available at ticket machines?

No, the easiest way to purchase the ticket is to order it online at

What is the deadline for purchasing a new subscription to use the ticket from the next month?

To use the ticket from the next month, a new subscription must be purchased online by the 10th of the previous month.

Do I need to cancel my existing subscription to switch to the new ticket?

If you already have a subscription, the BVG will provide you with further information via email or post from the end of February.

Is it possible for someone other than the ticket holder to use the 49 Euro Ticket?

No, the Deutschland Ticket is non-transferable and can only be used by the ticket holder.

Can I bring additional passengers, a dog, or a bicycle with the Deutschland Ticket?

Children under 6 can travel for free, but no additional passengers or bicycles are allowed with the ticket. Dog transport is limited and subject to local regulations.

How do job seekers and expats in Germany benefit from the Deutschland Ticket?

The Deutschland Ticket offers several benefits to job seekers and expats in Germany, facilitating their job search and integration into German society. Here are some of the advantages that the Deutschland Ticket provides:

Affordability: Priced at just €49 per month, the Deutschland Ticket offers a cost-effective mode of transportation, easing the financial burden for job seekers and expats who may have limited budgets.

Nationwide coverage: The Deutschland Ticket provides access to public and regional transportation throughout the country, allowing job seekers and expats to explore different cities and regions without having to manage multiple transport tickets.

Simplified commuting: With the Deutschland Ticket, there is no need to manage multiple tickets, making daily commutes and long-distance trips more convenient and stress-free.

Facilitates networking: The affordability and accessibility of the Deutschland Ticket enables job seekers and expats to attend networking events, job fairs, and workshops across the country, increasing their chances of finding employment or expanding their professional network.

Improves quality of life: With the Deutschland Ticket, job seekers and expats can explore Germany’s cultural and recreational offerings, enabling them to integrate into the country and enhancing their overall quality of life.

The Deutschland Ticket is a transportation solution that promises to revolutionize travel within Germany, making it more affordable, accessible, and straightforward. For those living and working in Germany, the ticket provides a game-changing solution, simplifying daily commutes, reducing transportation costs, and enabling access to a broad range of cultural and recreational offerings. Specifically, for job seekers and expats, the Deutschland Ticket offers an affordable and practical way to explore job opportunities, attend networking events and workshops, and enhance their overall quality of life while integrating into German society.