How to transfer a file with good speed in android

flash transfer

Hi friends, today i am going to discuss about transfer a file with good speed. let us start our discussion, You have a android mobile and send video or song to other android mobile then normally we are using Bluetooth. Because Bluetooth is used for sending file to other mobile  etc. Here i am going to tell about one android application called flash transfer. Flash transfer is application for transfer the file in very fastly as compare with other default application. We can send any type of file and any size of file with perfectly support.The easiest way to send photos, music or videos offline to other Android devices.It is free application for android phone. But only problem i note that if your sending file sender and receiver should open the application and in between sending time sometime we didn’t get any call from other. But very less time take for transfer a file. Swipe & Share your any file in a moment. Transfer your any file on other android device through Flash File Transfer with Flash Speed


flash transfer start



flash transfer create connection

Then select the file that you want send to other mobile.Once we are create connection then we can see the receiver mobile.


flash transfer recevier

Then file will get soon in very fast speed.

You Can download this apps from here.

If you have any problem with this apps,write comment.

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