How to increase loudspeaker volume in Android mobile



















Some of android mobiles have problem about sound,it is very less sound in low price  mobile.Here is one application for solving this problem.


Open the Android Market application on your device and try to search Speaker Boost Application.Simple, small, experimental free app to boost your speaker or headphone sound volume.


How to boost loudspeaker volume

This is a free to use application and has been tried as well but from a security point of view make sure to read the permissions asked by any app


How to boost loudspeaker volume

It might show you the change log along with a safety warning. Read it and if you agree accept them to proceed.

If your device’s loudspeaker has ample volume already, do not try to boost it as it might destroy the speaker element.



How to boost loudspeaker volume

The application will open up to the main splash screen that showcases the single volume toggle and the settings key underneath it. Select the settings button or key to setup the app for the best possible experience. The next splash screen will open the settings page. Select the Notification bar option to proceed.


How to boost loudspeaker volume

By default it is set for always on, but it is advised to select the ‘When active’ option. It will put the notification on the bar when the app is in use otherwise it will hide the icon.


How to boost loudspeaker volume

Secondly, go back to the setting and select the maximum allowed boost level option. By default it is at 40; if need be try increasing it in increments of 10 and testing the loudspeaker each time.

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