How to determine the Google PageRank of websites

As the name suggests the term ‘PageRank’, Google uses to determine the importance of a webpage that shows rank. However, if you have the word “page” is actually derived from the’ll be happy to know
Actually used to determine the rank of a webpage that developed algorithm that Google co-founder Larry Page,’s name.
The Google PageRank is expressed as a numeric value between 0 and 10. If you wish to check the PageRank  of a particular site, then there are a number of web services that you can use, such as  PRChecker.Navigate to the site, enter the domain name of the site you want to check in the provided  box and click on “Check PR”. PRChecker will then show you the PageRank of
the site. PageRank is determined by the  number of links that lead to the page. With the number of web pages growing  exponentially, there are hardly any sites with a PageRank of 10.

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