How to close apps easily and quickly after you’re done working with them

Windows 8 gives you several options for closing apps, but the quickest way to do it is by clicking on the app’s  upper margin and dragging it down to the bottom of the screen. However, the app won’t close if you end the motion too early  or let go of the mouse button. It would be more effi cient if you could drag the app till  the centre of the screen instead. This leaves less room for mistakes and you can close apps quicker. By means of an additional  entry in the registry, you can defi ne how far an app needs to be dragged so it closes.
To open the registry editor, switch  to desktop view and press the key combination [Windows]+[R]. Now key in  “regedit”, press the [Enter] key and confirm the user account control dialogue box
with “Yes”. Once the registry editor opens,  navigate to the key “HKEY_CURRENT_ USERSoftwareMicrosoftWindows   CurrentVersionImmersiveShell” and create a new key by clicking “Edit | New | Key”.   Type in the term “Switcher” in the new box and press the [Enter] key. In case the
key is already present, skip the previous  step and open it. Now, click in the righthand window section and create the entry  “MouseCloseThreshold” with “Edit | New | DWORD-Value”. Double-click on it to open
it for editing. In the following dialogue box, change the base to “Decimal” and enter a value between “0” and “1000”.A value of zero means that the function is completely deactivated, while “1” defines the default lower image margin and  “1000” defines the upper margin. Enter “500” to get a sensible, mean value or use
a somewhat higher value. Confirm the  changes with “OK”. Also recreate the DWORD value “TouchCloseThreshold” and assign a   suitable value to the function. This defines the behaviour of the function in touchoperation. Close the registry after you’re done and restart the system.

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