How to use laptop as a WiFi hotspot to tether internet connection

Internet connectivity with your laptop or PC to share the Internet can use the 100 WiFi devices . Easy to follow steps . Changing your laptop or desktop PC and a wireless broadband modem for your laptop or PC to enable connection to the Internet through a wired connection or Wi-Fi to connect to a WiFi hot spot . You can use . Many applications according to your needs , you can take out . How wired internet connection to laptop or desktop PC .
•Open command prompt by typing cmd in run. To run command prompt you can create a short cut to command prompt and right click on command prompt icon and select run as administrator
command prompt

•In command prompt type in the following code in the given format.
•netsh wlan set hostednetwork mode=allow ssid=”any name” key=”anypassword”.
•Password must be at least have a length of eight characters.
•Now you have created and configure the hosted network for portable wifi hotspot tethering succesfully
•You will need some more commands to start and stop the hosted network. Which are given below.
1.To start hosted network: netsh wlan start hostednetwork
2.To stop hosted network: netsh wlan stop hostednetwork
3.To see hosted network password: netsh wlan show security
4.To show all hosted network details: netsh wlan show hostednetwork.

Starting from the top of the list command using the host network . Once you have created your computer will start transmitting your WiFi SSID for doing so , using the password you just created can connect to the WiFi network . But still wont have internet connection on the WiFi network . You just start with just WiFi hotspot to share its Internet connection, follow the steps .

To share the internet connection on to the WiFi hosted network.

  • Right click on the connection icon on your right of the task bar and open the network and sharing center.
    network sharing center
  • After opening network sharing center, click on the change adapter settings
    change adapter settings
  • Change adapter settings in the LAN network or the Internet, which is connected to your PC or laptop, click on the network connection. And then click properties.
  • lan connection properties
  • In the next window select the sharing tab and mark the first box and click OK
    internet sharing to wifi hotspot
  • You can now access the full Internet connectivity can start your WiFi hotspot. You can connect up to 100 devices on the network. The WiFi hotspot tethering you use the internet on your PC with its neighboring countries can share

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