How to remove Write Protection in Pendrive

In  some system,we are tring to plug in pendrive some time it is not showing.If sometimes it will show  then another problem is we cannot copy to pendrive or we cannot copy from pendrive.We are tring to paste the content in pendrive then this message is
The disk is write -protected.
Remove the write -protection or use another disk
We can remove the write protection in pendrive by following steps:
1.Click on start button 
Enter regedit in search bar

2.Regedit window will now open. By clicking on the arrows next to the menu items,
and click the path given below


3. look for a key named WriteProtect.

default it is 1,change to 0

4.restart the system.
This is the way to remove the write protection from pendrive.

If any problem in during this steps or anything please write in comments.

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