Asus Responds to Intel’s Exit from Motherboard Business

Asus Responds to Intel’s Exit from Motherboard Business

Motherboards with Intel’s announcement of his departure after Haswell has definitely changed the motherboard industry. His responses to all the major players we’ve reached out and say what was the Asus follows:

Enthusiasts and PC builders trust ASUS as their go-to brand when it comes to building desktops. The global leader in motherboard design across multiple product ranges, ASUS remains strongly stands to committed to developing a wide range of new and innovative motherboards now and this will be well into the future. For the consumer segment we have invested significant resources to grow and sustain the Build Your Own ecosystem, including the PCDIY initiative designed to educates and inspires by  new builders, the ongoing support for the PC gaming community, and grassroots program for university students across North America providing support for learning through a number of vehicles.We highly acclaimed in North America Corporate Stable Model (CSM) has been at the forefront with the program for the commercial segment. The best motherboard ASUS motherboards for many years in line with its resellers Choice Award has been recognized by eChannelNews. ASUS CSM motherboards covers a full range of chipsets and form factors, and come complete with a guaranteed long shelf life, advance cross shipping, and Intel vPro Technology. With the Haswell-based 4th generation Core platform we plan to deepen our commitment to bring excitement and new opportunities to the desktop platform.

We continued commitment to Intel desktop chipsets and CPUs have full confidence in , and eagerly enthusiasts and system builders build your own look forward to leading the next generation of Asus Motherboard

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