DD, AIR apps for mobiles, tablets

Soon, DD, AIR apps for mobiles, tabletsSoon, DD, AIR apps for mobiles, tablets

NEW DELHI:The last bastion of old broadcaster making a foray into digital technology is beginning to crumble. The last bastion is beginning to crumble with the oldest broadcaster making a foray into digital technology. Prasar Bharati plans to introduce mobile applications for Doordarshan and All India Radio that will provide news and entertainment including access to rare archival material to viewers on mobiles, laptops and tablets.

The public broadcaster also plans to sell excess land as part of its efforts towards financial restructuring.

Both DD and AIR are already on Youtube and Twitter with a growing following. While DD News has 32,000 followers on Twitter, it receives an encouraging 700 views a day on Youtube. There are about 1,700 videos uploaded currently. AIR too has 24,000 followers on Twitter . The next step according to an official is to create and develop mobile apps.

“The apps for news service will be a priority. Prasar Bharati has an unenviable credible network through the length and breadth of the country that will be put to use. It has the potential of creating its own niche amid the private news broadcasters,” a source said.

Being digitized and uploaded Membership may be based archival material. The organization eventually earning 25-30% of their revenue with digital media to the tune of Rs 200 crore is expected to earn advertising revenue. The apps are expected to be in operation in the next six.

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