Scammer Sells British Man ‘iPad’ -Actually a Box of Potatoes

Scammer Sells British Man ‘iPad’ -Actually a Box of Potatoesipotato   Google Search    

A man at the Picadilly train station in Manchester, England was offered an iPad for the discounted price of £250  (about $390). He went for the deal, but when he opened the box eager to play with his shiny new Apple he found it was full of potatoes instead!

A pair of scammers are the culprits in the bizarre fraud:

    The pair told him they had an iPad to sell and said if he was interested he should meet them at a car park behind Market Street near Debenhams. The man met the two men later that afternoon and handed over £250 in cash.

    He was handed a box which he was told contained an iPad and the pair quickly drove off. But when the man opened the box he found only a pile of potatoes.

    It is the latest in a number of similar scams around the region – where boxes said to contain an iPad or laptop are exchanged for cash and then turn out to contain potatoes or bottles of water.

Word to the wise: parking lots near train stations aren’t the best place to purchase iDevices. If you still choose to do your shopping this way, at least wait to hand over the cash until you see that your iPad isn’t a bunch of parsnips or something.

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