LG Nexus White Sold Out On Day One?

LG Nexus White Sold Out On Day One?lg nexus 4 white

LG nexus White was a much-awaited smartphone and it comes as no surprise that the phone has sold-out in the US on day one of launch!

Rather than an over-surge of demand, it might point to LG’s and Google’s failure to supply enough phones as the same was repeated with the launch of the LG Nexus Black.

The 16 GB version of the phone went out of stock on the day of the launch while the 8 GB variant is still available. However, there’s not much demand for the 8 GB variant considering the phone comes without a memory card slot and the internal memory is all you get.

Also, sites have reported that Google seems to be intercepting orders of the Google Nexus White 16 GB. Many online buyers of the phone are receiving the message that the phone has been intercepted by Google during shipping and returned to the sender.

Though Google has admitted being aware of the issue, there is no official announcement from the giant yet. Google asked users to ignore the message and that the phones would reach them in the mentioned shipping time, there was no reason  provided by the search giant.

With a delayed launch of the white variant followed by supply and delivery issues, Google better get their act together or it might prove to be detrimental for the company.

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