Computex: Asus announces the Transformer Book Trio with Windows 8 and Android

Computex: Asus announces the Transformer Book Trio with Windows 8 and Android

TAIPEI: HARDWARE FIRM Asus unveiled what it claims is the world’s first three-in-one tablet, notebook and desktop computer today, the Transformer Book Trio.
Asus chairman Jonny Shih introduced the device, which runs both Android and Windows 8 operating systems (OS) on dual CPUs, at the Computex conference in Taiwan on Monday.
Jimmy Shih launched the device at Computex today

The dual operating system can be accessed through a physical key, which allows you to switch between Windows 8 or Android Jelly Bean running simultaneously.
Powered by a 2GHz Intel Atom Z2580 chip handling Android Jelly Bean and a fourth generation Intel Haswell Core i7-4500U CPU for Windows 8, the Transformer Book Trio is touted as “a combination of a full function notebook, a portable tablet and a very powerful desktop PC” and boasts an 11.6in display supporting full HD 1080p resolution.Switch between Windows or Android

Offering a 1TB hard disk in the dock and 64GB of SSD storage in the tablet, the Transformer Book Trio also includes two batteries, a 33Wh cell in the dock as well as a 19Wh battery in the tablet for increased battery life.
“The Triobook’s dock can also act as a battery bank to deliver up to 15 hours of battery life,” Shih said.
Joined on stage by Intel VP Tom Kilroy, who reminisced about the previous products the two companies have launched together through the years, Shih said the Transformer Book Trio has been designed for flexibility so that users have “a notebook for work, a PC station for sharing, and tablet for play”.
However, it should be noted that the Windows 8 OS cannot run when the display has been detached for tablet mode as the mobile-focused Intel Atom CPU is only powerful enough to run the Android OS.
Asus is so far remaining tight-lipped about the Trio’s price, as we expect the product won’t hit the market until much later this year.
As well as announcing the three-in-one computer, Asus also launched  a 6in phablet phone and tablet to rival the Samsung Galaxy Note 2, the Fonepad Note and a budget 7in Android tablet that is set to retail for $129, the MemoPad HD 7

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