Vine app now available for Android smartphones

Vine app now available for Android smartphones.

Vine for Android

Vine, the popular Twitter-owned mobile video social network, is now available for Android users.
Twitter released a Vine app for Android devices Monday morning, about four months after launching exclusively for Apple devices.
Since launching, Vine has been a hit for Twitter, gaining more than 13 million users. Some have called it the Instagram of video.
The social network consists of looping six-second videos. Users can easily create Vine videos by touching their phone’s device to record. By letting go and touching the screen again, they can stitch together more shots.
The Android version of Vine doesn’t include all of the same features as the version for Apple devices. However, it does come with a few features iPhone owners don’t have, including the ability to zoom in when shooting video.
Among the features Android users don’t have are the ability to use forward-facing cameras, include mentions and hashtags, search, receive notifications and post Vine videos to Facebook.
Over the new few weeks, though, Twitter said, the two versions of Vine will become more in sync.

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