HTC One Google Edition with stock Android coming this summer: Report

HTC One Google Edition with stock Android coming this summer: Report
After the Samsung Galaxy S4 getting a Google edition running stock Android, it looks like HTC’s flagship, the HTC One will also take the same path.

According to a report by, the same website that predicted the Samsung Galaxy S4’s Google edition, HTC is working on a stock build of Android 4.2.2 for the HTC One. The website cites sources to inform that the phone is going to be available in the US first. However, it’s not clear if it would be sold by Google on the Play Store, just like the Galaxy S4 Google Edition.

The report also adds that this Google version of the HTC One will be announced within the next two weeks, with an expected release this summer.

Following this report, CNET has also confirmed that HTC will indeed be selling a Nexus-like version of the HTC One but it mentions a wide summer window as the time frame for its availability, citing its own sources.

As mentioned earlier, the phone is expected to run ‘stock’ Android, which means it would be free from any third-party skins or software and would provide the Android experience as Google intended.

We wonder how HTC will prevent the phone from offering a downgraded user experience compared to the original One as its BeatsAudio software delivers high quality sound through headphones and the phone’s built-in front speakers. Also, the original One uses special imaging software for the camera, so we wonder if the company would ship the Google edition with it since its Ultrapixel camera relies on the software to produce good quality images.

It’s also not clear if the phone would be boot loader and SIM unlocked, like the HTC One developer edition. Bootloader unlocked means the users are free to install any custom Android ROM on the phone, or, theoretically at least, any other OS on their phone altogether, while SIM-unlocked allows users to use the phone on all supported networks without limitations.

HTC had produced the first Google Nexus device with the Nexus One, which was a competent smartphone. After that, Samsung, LG and Asus are the only companies that have made Nexus devices.

Previously, HTC had released a developer edition of the HTC One in limited quantities in the US. The phone is offered at a price of $649. However, that does not run stock version of Android.

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