The ease in which a cell phone’s screen can splinter is the bane of every owner’s existence. Sure, there are protective cases and screen reinforcement accessories that can be purchased but, at the end of the day, some of us just want to use our phone the way it was meant to be used, appreciating all that went into its design. Flexible displays may finally be the trait that makes this possible for us all, without the worry that an unprotected screen may crack. We’ve seen a lot of advances in this field, and the latest to take part is LG.
LG plans to reveal its new smartphone screen at this year’s Society for Information Displays event that is taking place this week in Vancouver. According to a press release from the company, it will display a 5-inch OLED panel, completely constructed out of plastic, allowing for it to be bent and twisted – within reason, we imagine – without fear of breaking.
The company hasn’t yet released much information about this new screen option, or if mass production plans on a new phone that implements it are even in the works. But we’re eagerly awaiting any information that comes out at SID and will update this post accordingly.