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         Just imagine how convenient it would be to collect evidence of any occurrence whenever you want while the other person remains oblivious of the fact. Android owners can now do much more than just make calls, check emails or browse the internet with their handy gadgets. There is a wide array of apps available that can turn an Android phone into absolutely anything from a music fan’s best friend to even an undercover detective for those who like to play Sherlock Holmes.

This app can transform the most ordinary of androids into a wireless network camera supporting multiple options for viewing. The video recorded by the device’s inbuilt camera can be streamed on any other device using any web browser or with a VLC player. Users can turn their phone into a surveillance camera by placing it in the surroundings that they want to monitor and activating the app to let it work its magic. 
Spy Cams
This unique app has the power to catch live videos being recorded by thousands of surveillance IP cameras from all around the world and provide a non-stop 24-hourly live coverage of their recorded videos to its users. Users can monitor various locations worldwide, ranging from indoor scenes, building or streets to secluded mountain regions, seas, and any other such place that they want. The shortcoming is that it only provides live streaming facilities of the surveillance videos that it is able to provide to its users and does not offer any option to keep a recording for later use. However, users can take snapshots with the help of a single click from any video that they want and keep it for later reference or use. 

This Android app can act as an effective covert audio bug which can be easily used for eavesdropping on conversations merely by placing the device in the surroundings where the conversation is to take place. All the user is required to do is set a PIN of his choice on the app and exit it while turning his Android phone to silent mode and locking its screen. After placing the device in the required surroundings, an SMS containing the PIN sent to the phone triggers the M-Spy app which makes the phone put a call across to the number from which the SMS is received. The user can then easily listen in to the phone’s surroundings while being in an entirely different place.

As the name suggests, the Call Spy app allows its users to record the calls made to and from the Android phone on which it is installed. The call recordings are made using the device’s in-built microphone and are then stored on the phone’s own or SD storage in MP3 format. The app’s record browser allows users to playback, transfer, delete or lock recordings afterwards. However, the recordings are only as good as the user’s phone’s built-in microphone since the app does not support the feature of recording directly from the phone line.

Mobistealth Android Spy

The Mobistealth app probably offers the largest range of features in a spy app and can perform a number of covert functions ranging from tracking the target Android phone on which it is installed to monitoring its calls and messages. Other than that, it is capable of revealing the identities of even the most covert callers and can also track the browsing history of the user. Not only that, it can also enable the target device to perform surround recording merely upon receiving a specified text message which triggers the app to use the device’s in-built microphone to perform an audio recording. Also, the app can help users monitor the pictures taken and videos made using the target phone’s camera.  All the information obtained by the app is made available to the user on his online Mobistealth panel which he can also use to customize the app’s features. However, the data stored by the app is limited to the storage space of the Android phone being used or its SD storage. 

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