How to download .apk file from Google Play Store

Now, there are so many way to you can download an APK directly from Google Play. You can use a Chrome extension or a website that will generate a specific download link for you – we’ve covered both methods for you below. You can even download paid APKs if you have already purchased them on the Play Store, but take a look at the excerpt from Google Play’s Terms & Conditions at the very bottom of this tutorial to see their take on the subject.

How to download an APK from Google Play with a browser extension

If you’re likely to download lots of APKs, then getting yourself a Chrome extension or Firefox add-on is probably a good way.
An extension is simply an additional tool for your browser that makes certain actions a whole lot easier:
from ad blocking to link sharing to APK downloading.

Download APK Downloader extension for Chrome:
Download APK Downloader add-on for Firefox:

1. Once you’ve added the extension to your browser you’re good to go, but you need to do a few things first.

2. You need to add your email address, which will be stored in the Chrome extension associated with your Google Play account, and also your device ID for later requests.
3.To get your device ID, hit the dialer on your phone and type in:

4. Then just look for the bit that says ”aid” (Android ID): enter this in the Chrome extension. You should see the GTalk Service Monitor information
5. On your phone, you’re also going to need ”Unknown Sources” enabled in the Security settings.

6. You’re also going to need a USB cable. When you connect your phone to your PC, you should get the necessary drivers installed automatically and your phone should show up like a USB storage device. If tyhis doesn’t happen, hit Google for your particular device’s USB drivers.

7. Then copy the APK you downloaded to your PC onto your phone (called ”sideloading”). I’d recommend an obvious location like the Downloads folder.

8. Go to your Downloads app on your phone and tap the APK you just transferred over. Don’t forget to disable ”Unknown Sources” when you’re done.



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