10 apps for increase your Android Speed

10 apps for increase your Android Speed

One thing that’s common for all kind of Android user’s is that the mobile starts getting sluggish after installing all those apps. The apps become slow to respond for touch and other actions. This happens because of a memory bloat that happens while installing lot of applications. Something like the memory bloat on Windows. What we need is a defragmenter like program that will delete or re arrange all the clutter and make the device more speedy. It might sound ironic, but here are some apps that will speed up your Android device once installed.

1. Android Assistant

Android Assistant offers a variety of utilities and tools to help monitor, clean and manage your Android device. It has three screens. The first is called the Monitor and shows you your CPU, memory and battery status. It also features a Quick Boost button that will automatically kill pre-selected apps/processes to free up system resources.

2. App 2 SD

App 2 SD analyzes your installed apps and conveniently lists those that can be moved to your SD card, those already on the SD card and those that can’t be moved from internal storage. Then it helps you move all appropriate apps to the SD card (either individually or as a group) to free up internal storage space. It can also monitor new apps you install in the future and notify you when they’re movable.
The lists of apps are by default sorted by their file size, so you can quickly see those that are taking up the most space. Total space and free space of your device’s internal storage and SD card are conveniently shown on the bottom of the app. App 2 SD also has a simple cache-clearing feature that prompts you to clear app cache if it’s larger than 500KB.

3. CPU Tuner

CPU Tuner works on rooted Android devices. It can regulate CPU speed, data connections and syncing to help save battery life and increase performance. You can configure it to control these settings automatically by creating triggers based upon the battery level and the state of the device: screen locked, call in progress, using battery, using AC power or battery too hot. In addition to triggers, it can also automatically adjust the CPU speed based upon the profile you choose: Performance, Power Save, On Demand and Conservative.

4. Gemini App Manager

Gemini App Manager helps you manage running and installed apps. Though it doesn’t require a rooted device, it offers enhanced functionality for those that are rooted — which is why I’m recommending it. It’s most useful if you have a rooted device and want to move or uninstall multiple apps at once.

5. JuiceDefender

This app helps reduce battery drain by regulating your data connections and by syncing schedule, screen settings and other device components. You configure it by enabling the profile for the level of juice-saving you desire: Balanced, Aggressive or Extreme. The Balanced profile is fully automatic and doesn’t require your input. The Aggressive profile automatically disables data connectivity when the battery is low, which you can turn back on when needed by clicking the shortcut in the notification area of Android. The Extreme profile keeps data connections disabled by default; they can be turned on manually and you can whitelist apps that always need connectivity. For example, it can automatically disable the Wi-Fi if you aren’t connected to a network or you aren’t nearby networks you frequently use.

6. LauncherPro

LauncherPro isn’t really a performance boosting tool — it’s more of a replacement launcher that typically loads and works quicker than the native Android launcher. If you’re getting long delays and lockups when navigating your home screens and apps page, it can potentially help. It also has additional memory features to keep screens in memory to speed up loading.

7. Memory Booster

Memory Booster kills any running apps that aren’t necessary. Like Android Assistant, it features a Quick Boost button that automatically chooses the apps to kill; you can also manually select which processes or apps you want to get rid of. However, Memory Booster has an extra added attraction: it lets you add user and system apps to a white list so they won’t be accidentally killed.

8. Move2SD Enabler

Apps can take up a lot of space on your phone, and while some protected/system Android apps can’t be moved to your SD card, others aren’t movable just because the developer didn’t do the extra work to make them movable.
Move2SD Enabler, which requires a rooted Android, changes this — it enables most apps that aren’t movable to the SD card by default to be movable. Even better, it can change the default install location of apps from internal storage to your SD card.

9. SD Speed Increase

SD Speed Increase, which requires a rooted Android device, tries to speed up your SD card’s file-transfer rates and general read-write functions by increasing the default cache size of the SD card.
All you have to do is open the app, set it to a higher cache size and hit a button. Since the cache size isn’t kept after reboots, SD Speed Increase has an option to automatically reset it every time you start up your device.

10. 1Tap Cleaner

1Tap Cleaner comes with a Cache Cleaner, History Cleaner and a Default Cleaner.
The Cache Cleaner frees up storage space by removing temporary files left by apps. You can manually clear the cache for select apps or clear all apps at once. It lists apps sorted by their cache size so you can quickly see those taking up the most space. It also displays the total and available internal storage space so you can see how much space you need to free up.

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