How to use the Google Play Wishlist feature

My Wishlist

Do not get much exposure to cart feature that is a part of Google Play . Was added in the fall of 2012 during the first Live Play Store , the Google Play all stuff you want is a useful tool to help keep track . Apps , books , movies , TV shows , magazines and music can be added to your wishlist , but now with her ​​friends and family have no way to share your list , to manage it on your phone easy to put everything in place or tablet .

Adding and deleting items in Google Play Cart icon at the top of each item will get easier. It is like a toggle switch , so if there is an item on your list will be put tap and a tap will remove it if it is on your list . Google app to manage your play list menu is an entry for your page , and one tap takes you there . Your Cart page, any items you buy, rent , install or delete .

Cart not yet made ​​its way to the web interface, so you will need to have your phone or tablet. When we release new Google Play Store website is a feeling that is going to change, but for now you need to take advantage of an Android device.


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